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We offer 315 acres of wild Alaskan woods peppered with Rocky Mountain Elk for your hunting.  All hunts are guided and you won't need a hunting license.  And you are guaranteed an animal.   We offer a limited number of hunts a year, so call early to talk about your plans and to secure your spot.

How does it stack up with what you're eating?


Lean and flavorful, elk meat is lower in fat than beef, pork, chicken, and even some seafoods according to health experts. Considering that the fat intake for most Americans exceeds the recommended daily allowances established by the American Heart Association, elk meat is a healthy, attractive alternative.

Elk by nature take in a lot of their diet from native grasses, trees, and bushes. We feed native grass hay in the winter months.  Even domesticated elk do not tolerate a diet of heavy, rich grain but derive most of their food from oats, grass, and hay. This in turn creates very lean meat.

Most elk meat purchased today in butcher shops or at restaurants is actually red deer from New Zealand. New Zealand supplies the majority of the world with this type of meat. Red deer is a cousin of the elk and tastes very similar, but is not truly elk, just close.

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