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Elk Meat

If hunting is not your thing, but you love elk meat - we can take your order for elk quarters.  We generally sell by the single hanging quarter but you can buy several quarters if you like.  The quarters are weighed and cost tabulated when they are delivered to the processor.  The cost is $12/ lb. hanging weight bone in.  A dressed cow elk can weigh anywhere from 250 to 400 pounds. With bulls being larger.  Our elk average about 350 lbs. hanging weight for the whole carcass.  Quarters average 40 - 100 lbs. Hanging weight is what is left of the animal after the viscera, hide, hooves, etc.  are removed.    We harvest when there is snow on the ground and will deliver your quarter (s) to the processor of your choice.  You can talk with them about what cuts you would like, pricing & their availability.    We recommend Pioneer Meats.  We have had great service from them in the past.  Their web address is for more information.  To reserve a quarter, we need a deposit of $350 with the balance due prior to the meat being dropped off to the processor. 

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