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Turkey Meat

Did you know … At the Northern Lights Elk Ranch of Alaska, we also offer pasture raised turkeys. You
will notice the taste difference immediately when you bite into a pasture raised Broad Breasted White.
Our turkeys get to wander the pasture and behave like a turkey should, eating fresh native vegetation,
greens, bugs and worms. The dark meat has a richer flavor and the white meat tends not to dry out as
quickly. Pasture raised turkeys are also juicer because they take longer to raise and develop more
extensive fat deposits. The feed we do supplement their diet with contains no preservatives or
antibiotics and is made right here locally in Alaska.
Our turkeys know nothing but fresh air and sunshine. From our ranch to your table, the health and
wellbeing or you and your family is our concern. We are currently taking orders for Thanksgiving

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