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Hunting Trip of a Lifetime


  • A perfect 6x6

    25,000 US dollars
  • wide set 6x6

    20,000 US dollars
  • Huge 7x6

    20,000 US dollars
  • Massive 6x7

    20,000 US dollars
  • Strong 6x7 With massive body

    20,000 US dollars
  • The 6x6 Fighter

    17,500 US dollars
  • Beautiful unique rack

    15,000 US dollars
  • unique 7x7

    17,500 US dollars
  • 6x6

    17,500 US dollars
  • 6x7

    16,500 US dollars
  • 5x5

    17,500 US dollars


Northern Lights Elk Ranch is 315 acres of heavily wooded terrain.  You might like to walk around the area to get familiar with it before your hunt and pick out the animal you want.  There are some bulls in the herd which we are reserving for future breeding and will not be able to be hunted.  You will always have staff with you at the ranch when you are hunting. We will get the animal out of the hunting area after your hunt.  Processing is not included in your hunt fee. Field dressing is not included but available.


Best time the year to hunt?

We recommend hunting when the temps start to get towards 32 degrees as this helps maintain the quality of the meat. So here in Palmer, we see that typically starting in mid October to late November.  This is also the time year when they are ready for winter and as heavy as they will be.  The winter weight makes the meat rich and flavorful.  We can hunt anytime of the year.

Shooting Test

We have you do a shooting accuracy test so we are sure the ethical and humane. This will also maintain the quality of the meat.  Animals that are stressed at harvest have a lower quality of meat.  So here's what you need to do:

   Rifle hunting:     3 consecutive shots in a 6 inch circle at 100 yards
   Bow hunting:    3 consecutive shots in a 6 inch circle at 40 yards.

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